Thursday, September 24, 2009

Upcoming ME Weekend

Hello Lovers,

I'm sure you've all heard that our next weekend is coming up in October. Our teams have been working so hard and wonderfully to help make it a success. John and I along with Jun and Linda cannot express enough our appreciation for all the unselfish acts of Love coming in from our M.E. community. We extend our love and our hands out to the entire M.E. community and invite you to reach out to other couples who you know have been encountered but have moved on to other things due to their busy schedules. We are seeking them out to come back into our community and make our fire even bigger and stronger.

As we all know (and feel) the whole nation is experiencing hard times. Because of this, WWME is having difficulty paying for our weekends. In the spirit of continuing to share the Dream with other couples, we humbly reach out to all of you to join us in making this upcoming weekend even more special, not only for the in-coming couples, but also for all of us who have already been encountered .

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact Carol, Linda P. or Hilma. Linda P. will be updating us on how much is coming in. Our Pot is now at $200. :) Any amount will be sincerely appreciated.

If you can't contribute monetarily, Your presence during the Greet-in and the Greet-off will be an honor.

God Bless you all with all the love that we all deserve!!