Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming ME Weekend on April 8~10, 2011

Hello everyone!

The CNMI Chapter of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter will be hosting the Spring 2011 Weekend on April 8~10, 2011 at the Aqua Resort Club in Achugao, Saipan. The Weekend is for married couples who seek to prioritize their relationships and take time out of their hectic schedules to spend with one another.

One common myth is that the ME Weekend is for troubled marriages. That's completely inaccurate! The ME Weekend is intended for happily married couples who want to grow even closer to their spouses. It's all about communication techniques that apply to marriage, family and even to friends and co-workers. Communication is essential so ME provides the appropriate tools for couples as they mature in their relationships.

For more information about the ME Weekend, please feel free to contact Vince and MaryRose Ruwaath at 287-9953 or email

The cost of registration for the Weekend (2 nights accommodation and all meals) is $50 per couple. What a great deal!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Spring Weekend Filling Up!

Don't miss this chance to stay 2 nights at the Aqua Resort with all meals to spend with your spouse for the Spring Marriage Encounter Weekend on 8~10 April 2011!

You may know a lot of couples who've participated in ME and for many, it's life changing...for the better. Remember when you first met your husband/wife and were so excited to be together every minute of the day? Wasn't it pure romance? Well, an ME weekend provides the perfect setting to put that special romance back into your relationship.

Although some misinformed couples may believe that ME is not for them because they're marriage is strong, it's actually for EVERY MARRIED COUPLE because every marriage can improve through enhanced communication. ME is about inviting couples who are in good marriages to invest a weekend of their time to make it GREAT (FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLE)!

If you are interested in joining this upcoming weekend, please contact Vince and Mary Rose Ruwaath at 285-8454 or email: