Saturday, September 12, 2009

ME Weekend Planning Committee & Birthday Celebration

On Thursday evening, we attended the weekly ME Weekend Planning Committee meeting at the Y's home. The Weekend plans are coming along smoothly and we need to just find the 25 couples to be encountered. They don't know this yet, but the ME Weekend will change their lives forever (for the better)!

Alfonso brought a beautiful birthday cake for his lovely wife, Jacinta, who celebrated her 49th birthday on September 10th!
Alfonso and Jacinta, the happy couple.
The ME family was happy to celebrate the special occasion and bestow birthday blessings to Jacinta. She and Alfonso were encountered last year and have completed Steps Along the Journey & Steeper Steps!
Many of the couples who continue onto the Steps program remain close with the ME community and their marriage is enhanced through the commitment of prioritizing the marriage.
We missed Julian and Marcia at the Labor for Love Picnic so it was fantastic seeing them again!
The next ME Planning Meeting is scheduled for September 24th at 6:30pm at the Y's since September 17th is the monthly ME Leadership meeting.