Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Amazing Weekend!

At the Reunion on Thursday evening, Bishop Camacho honored ME's Section 12 Leaders with a special appreciation plaque, thanking Mike & Jeanne Emry for their untiring love & devotion to the CNMI Chapter of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Bishop Camacho was the first encountered priest for the CNMI and is committed to preserving marriages for CNMI residents.

Our extended family~ Bill & Angela Santos with their 4 lovely children. Bill & Angela joined the Weekend and loved it! We are thrilled for them!
Dick & Sarah Brostrom were joined by their three beautiful teenagers. It is fantastic to see more of our friends participate in ME.
Ed & Nikolina are our Steps kids. What a wonderful couple!
Congratulations to the 28 newly encountered couples. We strongly encourage you to enroll in the Steps Along the Journey Program to further enhance your Weekend memories.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Ben & Cathy Sawer

Sunday, March 21

Dear ME Family,

Greetings in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit who is the author and preserver of marriage. God is the one who started it and who offers us resources like ME and His Spirit working through others and in our own hearts to make it successful. We congratulate you in committing to your weekend. We just finished praying for you last night (our morning). A couple did the same for us 39 years ago at our first weekend!

We trust that the Lord Jesus will become increasingly real to each of you as you strive to be the spouse that God intends you to be. Be humble and ready to admit that you cannot do it alone. Love and be loved by your Creator who promises to always be there for you even when you struggle or are lonely in your marriage. He can and will do miracles sometimes when we have no hope. Trust Him.

Cathy and I send our love.

God has and will bless you for honoring Him in your commitment to each other.

Dr. Ben & Cathy Sawer

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marriage Encounter Weekend this Friday ~ Sunday!

The CNMI Marriage Encounter Weekend will be taking place at the Saipan Grand Hotel from March 19~21, 2010. We encourage all Encountered Couples visit the Grand Hotel for meals, greet in and greet off to support the ME Community. Please come and see your ME family!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Countdown for the next Weekend on March 19~21

Hafa Adai M.E. Lovers!

Our hearts are filled with joy and excitement as we announce that as of today, we have confirmed 19 couples for the March 19~21 weekend! We thank our M.E. Community for working hard to bring in these recruits! Please continue your quest in trying to confirm more couples as we are all aware that not all of them make it to the weekend. Keep in mind that our target is 25 couples.

Our last planning meeting was truly heartwarming. Having the opportunity to spend time with those couples who have been a part of the M.E. family for many many years is not only encouraging to us but brings so much inspiration into our marriages! Thank you for your presence and support! Please don't forget to come to tomorrow's final planning meeting!

Meeting Date: Thursday March 11, 2011
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Tony & Linda Yarobwemal's Residence in Koblerville
(Please call Tom at 287-9205 or Erica at 285-6372 for directions)
Special thank you to the Y's for your kindness in opening up your home to us!

In line with our M.E. tradition, please bring a dish to share if you are able.
Agenda for the meeting will include committee updates and discussion of needs from each committee.

Please don't forget to bring any registration forms and payment to the meeting! Although the deadline was announced earlier, new registrations are still welcomed.

Finally, we ask all recruiting couples to take time to romance your recruits from now up until the weekend. Sometimes new couples tend to get "cold feet" as the weekend nears. Many times, all it takes is for recruiters to answer their questions and provide support to ease any nervous feelings. Since recruiting couples already have a trusting relationship with their recruits, they are most suited for the job of calming their fears and helping to prepare them for a truly magnificent weekend!

We love you, M.E. Family, God Bless You, and we look forward to seeing you at tomorrow's meeting!

Countdown to March 19~21....9 days!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

M.E. Prayer Vigil

Dear M.E. Lovers!

The next M.E. Weekend is soon upon us and we need volunteer couples to pray for every hour from Friday through Sunday for the candidates, presenters and priests.

Please follow the access link to sign up for a specific time to help make the next Weekend a success:

If you have any questions, please contact John & Divina Jenkins at 670-256-5385 or email: