Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Steps Starts Again

This week, we completed Step 2 with our new group consisting of the following ME couples:
Russ & Kanae Quinn, Father Ryan Jimenez, Tyce & Angie Mister as Facilitators/Co-Facilitators

Ray & Sisi Alvarez, Ed & Nikolita Gechig, Gordon & Bina Marciano and Mark & Becky Robles are our the newly encountered couples.

We look forward to spending 10 sessions with our new Steps Family!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2010 Marriage Encounter Calendar of Events

Jan / Feb: Spring Mixer; Valentine's Sweetheart's Ball; World Marriage Day
Feb / Mar: Recruitment period; Spring Weekend Planning
Mar / Apr: Spring Weekend; Reunion; Easter
Apr / May: Marianas March Against Cancer; Steps Along the Journey
May / Jun: Graduation Season; Steps Along the Journey
Jun / Jul: Family Fun Fest; Summer Social (adults); Steps Along the Journey
Jul / Aug: Fall Mixer
Aug / Sep: Fall Weekend Planning; Labor of Love (family)
Sep / Oct: Fall Weekend; Halloween Party
Oct / Nov: World Priest Day; Pastor Appreciation Month; Steps Along the Journey
Nov / Dec: Holiday Season; Steps Along the Journey

Steeper Steps Completed!

In just 9 days, our group completed the 4 session Steeper Steps led by Rex & Clarie Kosack. We gained a much deeper understanding about the power of grace and forgiveness and learned how anger can be so destructive in a relationship.

Thank you very much, Rex & Clarie, for your selfless giving of time and energy to ME!
Roger & Teresita Abe.
Jake & Jackie Van Dam enjoying the chocolate heart cake I baked.
Peter & Natashia Tomokane just had their son 3 months ago. She was pregnant while we were in the Steps program earlier in the year.
Congratulations, all!