Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Ecclesial Leadership Team for CNMI

Last night, Mike & Jeanne Emry, the Section 12 Leaders for the CNMI Chapter of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter, facilitated the Discernment process, whereby the new Leadership for the CNMI ME Community was chosen. Approximately 30 ME community members participated in the selection process.
A big Congratulations goes to Vince & Hilma Castro and Father Isaac Ayuyu for their commitment to serve the CNMI ME Community for the next two years. And, we would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Charles & Cathy Cepeda and Father Ike for their past 2+ years of love & service to our community. Our strong supportive community looks forward to the next Weekend, scheduled October 23-25, 2009 and the continuing enrichment programs such as Steps Along the Journey and Steeper Steps.
Vince & Hilma Castro, Father Ike, Jeanne & Mike Emry

Thank you, Vince & Hilma, for stepping up to become our new leaders. We love and support you!

Another Successful ME Weekend!

The CNMI Chapter of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter is proud to welcome 24 new couples into the ME Community. These couples spent the Weekend enhancing and enriching their marriages through deeper communication. Congratulations to all of the newly encountered couples and the entire ME community who tirelessly gave their time, love and support to make the Weekend a successful one.

As a reminder to all newly encountered couples...
The Reunion (final presentation) is this Thursday, April 2, 2009 from 6pm at the Saipan Grand Hotel's Seaside Hall. Please bring a potluck dish to share.
All ME Couples are strongly encouraged to attend as well.

Justin Mariano & Hee Jae Lee with friend, Ysabel Aguon
The ME Community
ME "Lovers": Roy & Ruth Sablan, Charles & Cathy Cepeda and Jeff & Sonia Camacho

Frank & Carol Demapan ~ will they be the next Weekend Coordinators in October?

CNMI Marriage Encounter Weekend

On Friday night, the CNMI ME Community came out in force to show their love and support to the 24 couples attending their Weekend Encounter at the Saipan Grand Hotel.

Father Isaac Ayuyu was the Presenting Priest, along with Mike and Jeanne Emry from California. Charles & Cathy Cepeda as the Ecclesial leaders, welcomed the Section 12 leaders to Saipan. This is their return trip to the Marianas.
Bishop Tomas A. Camacho speaks to all the new and encountered couples at the beginning of the Weekend. Jun & Linda Pangelinan did a fantastic job as the Coordinators!
Encountered Couples who are also Family:
JJ & Juanette Atalig, Peter & Natashia Tomokane, Dave & Nan Attao.
Perry & Leona Sablan and Evelyn & Newman Techur were some of the couples that helped throughout the Weekend.
Gary, Lynette & Dallas Camacho with "Uncle" Russ

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Marriage Encounter Weekend Starts Tonight!

The Spring Marriage Encounter Weekend begins tonight at 6pm at the Saipan Grand Hotel. ME is pleased to welcome the Section 12 leaders: Mike & Jeanne Emry to be one of the Presenting Couples for this Weekend! Other presenters include Jess & Anicia Sonoda, Julian & Marcia Calvo and Father Isaac C. Ayuyu.
The ME Weekend is truly a time for the couple to learn about ways to enrich their marriage through intimate communication. Some people may think that registering for the Weekend signals a troubled marriage, but in reality, it means that the couple cares enough about their spouse to enhance their marriage and take it to another level. Remember when you first met your spouse and you were so in love with that person? Well... that romance can be re-kindled and we've witnessed hundreds of CNMI couples who complete the Weekend feeling like newlyweds. At ME, we believe that marriage is a lifetime journey and an investment that money can't buy.

At the Steps reunion last Saturday, we got together at the home of Rex and Clarie Kosack to get together with other couples who just completed or on their way to complete "Steps Along The Journey", the 10-week session that immediately follows the Weekend. These couples were encountered in November 2008 and the Facilitators/Co-Facilitators include: Rex & Clarie Kosack, Jun & Linda Pangelinan, Jess & Anicia Sonoda, Vince & Hilma Castro, Russ & Kanae Quinn, Jeff & Sonia Camacho and Sean & Barbara Maycock (not pictured).

The Sonoda's & Castro's group all watched the movie, "Fireproof" and created T-shirts that read, "My Marriage Is Fireproof". www.fireproof.com
We look forward to the Reunion on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at the Saipan Grand Hotel.
For any questions, please contact Russ & Kanae Quinn @ 287-0318.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 27-29, 2009 ~ the Next M.E. Weekend!

This morning, Vince & Hilma Castro and Russ & Kanae Quinn appeared on the Harry Blalock Morning Radio Show on KZMI 103.9 FM to invite listeners to register for the weekend. All married couples in the CNMI are eligible to attend. The Weekend allows couples to spend time together, focusing on communication in their marriage.

The cost is only $50 per couple for a 2 night stay and covers all meals on Saturday and Sunday at the Saipan Grand Hotel. For those who wish to attend but are unable to fund the $50, sponsors are available. Please contact Hilma & Vince Castro. Hilma:789-7881 and Vince: 287-8089. Email: hilmacastrome@gmail.com.