Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating World Marriage Day

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), the original faith based marriage enrichment program in the CNMI, announced today the island’s winners of the 2013 Longest Married Couple Project: Juan Mafnas and Mercedes Lizama Aguon of Saipan. They have been married 59 years as of Nov. 13, 2012.

Several nominations with couples married 50 years and over were received for this year’s project. The winners were honored at the World Marriage Day Mass at Santa Soledad Church in Kagman on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

"We are so pleased to honor and recognize Juan and Mercedes Aguon for their commitment to marriage," said Charles & Cathy Cepeda, the CNMI Ecclesial Team for WWME. The Cepedas joined Ecclesial Priest Father Isaac Ayuyu, who renewed the vows for the Aguon’s and all married couples in a special World Marriage Day mass.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter created the project to highlight marriage in the United States and its territories and to show young couples that marriage really can go the distance with true love and commitment. In Marriage Encounter, “To Love is a Decision” is the definitive motto.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering weekend experiences for over 44 years and is considered the original faith-based marriage enrichment program. The programs are continually updated to keep abreast of changes in society, and the next ME Weekend is scheduled for 19~21 April 2013 at the Kanoa Resort in Susupe. WWME has a presence in almost 100 countries, which makes it the largest pro-marriage movement in the world.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers married couples the opportunity to spend time together away from the busyness of the world to focus on each other. It offers tools for building and maintaining a strong, Christian marriage in today's world. To learn more about the Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends online, go to, or you can call 483-7000 for more information.

Next ME Weekend is April 19~21, 2013

Want to spend an unforgettable weekend with your wife/husband to rediscover your hopes and dreams?
When was the last time you spent time alone with your spouse to reconnect and share some true quality time? 
YOUY YES, you can turn YOUR marriage into a GREAT MARRIAGE through a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend!  The emphasis of the M.E. Weekend is on the communication between husbands and wives. The Weekend provides a conducive environment for couples to spend time together, encouraging them to focus on each other and their relationship. It’s not a retreat, marriage clinic or substitute for counseling. Couples are not required to share anything with anyone else. It’s a unique approach aimed at revitalizing marriage so it truly is a marriage enrichment program.

The CNMI’s next Marriage Encounter Weekend will be held on
April 19~21, 2013 at the newly Kanoa Resort Saipan
Cost is $100 per couple.
Hurry, we reserve space for only 25 couples!

For further information or a registration form,
please contact any of the below listed individuals:
Spring 2013 Weekend Coordinators
John & Michelle Tagabuel
Tel: 287-3264

Spring 2013 Weekend Co-Coordinators
Joe & Reyna Saures
Tel: 483-4646

Spring 2013 Registration Couple
Joe & Linda Muña
Tel: 48287-7943

You may also contact the Ecclesial Team/Executive Board members:
Fr. Ike Ayuyu,
Phone no. 256-4568, or
E-mail address

Charles & Cathy Cepeda
Phone no. 483-7000, or
E-mail address or