Monday, December 8, 2008

World Marriage Day & M.E.'s Sweetheart Ball

As an annual event, the CNMI Chapter of the World Wide Marriage Encounter celebrates World Marriage Day. This year will be a particularly special event on February 8, 2009 when Pastor Greg Dickerman (encountered April 2008) and Pastor Roger Abe (encountered November 2008) of the Saipan Community Church join Father Ryan Jimenez for an ecumenical celebration.
Exact time and place of the celebration will be announced once details are finalized. Stay tuned!
Hi all lovers!
February 14th is Valentine's Day and the M.E. Sweetheart's Ball! Mark & Jenni Aguon (Fall Weekend Coordinators) have graciously volunteered their time again to organize this romantic event for all ENCOUNTERED COUPLES!
Again, time and place of the Ball will be announced shortly! Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for some M.E. fun!