Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Step 1 - Feelings are Neither Right Nor Wrong

We started Step 1 with our newest group last night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening where we broke bread together, talked about how each couple met, did a 10/10 and then studied the first concept of Steps, "Feelings are neither right nor wrong". Although I have studied this numerous times, I am reminded that it's always good to review and understand it so that my head and heart can appreciate its essence.

We were also happy to celebrate one couple's 2 year anniversary with a decadent chocolate cake! The Steps program is awesome and I highly recommend it to each encountered couple.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

STEP 10 Complete!

The CNMI Marriage Encounter is pleased to graduate the first 2010 class of the Steps Along the Journey Program. The Quinn/Jimenez/Mister group consisted of four new couples.
We are thankful to the Mister's for their contribution as co-facilitators for the journey!
Nikolina and Ed Gechig have embraced all the Steps.
Becky & Mark Robles celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary today. Congratulations!
Sisi & Ray Alvarez are utilizing the concepts and feel the ME love!
Bina and Gordon Marciano share their new communication skills with all of their family members.
We also thank Father Ryan Jimenez for contributing his time and love to ME.
Tonight, we start Steeper Steps so the journey continues!