Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor for Love Kick Off BBQ

On Labor Day, the CNMI Marriage Encounter Community joined together to celebrate love and family at Susupe Beach. Mark & Jenni Aguon did an awesome job organizing the event! They also received help from Vanessa Pangelinan and Jackie Van Dam with all the games. The ME family contributed food, tents, picnic tables and prizes to ensure a day of excitement. It was a perfect day at the beach with beautiful weather, plenty of food, fun games and to top it off, an awesome community of friends.

After lots of food, the games began! First, the water balloon toss!

John and his daughter won! Congratulations!

There were many families who enjoyed the day, including Jeff, Sonia and Sole Camacho.

We joined the Family Fear Factor with Kenji and Dallas!

Sonia, Jeff and girls won that game.

Juanette and her boys played all day!

The kids limbo. Maybe the bar was too high?

Bella was happy to win the limbo contest.

It was then the adults' turn. Mark is showing his limbo moves.

Tyce is 6'2" but he can get down!

Sheila must have been a limbo queen in college.

The kids didn't want the games to stop so they ended up chasing Russ around the park.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event. We hope to see you at Thursday's Weekend Planning meeting at the Y's. 6:30pm.