Thursday, April 30, 2009

Steps is starting

Rex & Clarie Kosack organized a Steps facilitator meeting yesterday and it was great to see all of our Steps family again. Rex announced that we'll have five groups this session with several new co-facilitating couples.

Steps is truly an essential part or really, the "Heart" of ME. This is where the ME community grows through the small groups meeting for each of the 10 Steps and learning not only how to better communicate with their spouse, but also their friends and family. The bond that closely binds Steps families are often much tighter than those of regular family members.

Steps couples seize the opportunity to love each other even more and take their relationship to the next level. It's often too easy to take a marriage or spouse for granted and Steps helps all of us remember to prioritize our relationships.

If you have any questions about Steps, please call Rex or Clarie Kosack at 322-8800.