Monday, April 6, 2009

Enroll for Steps Along the Journey - NOW!

To All Encountered Couples and Priests!

Thank you for your prayers for,
attendance at, and loving contribution to
the (April 2, 2009) Reunion for the March 2009 Weekend.

SI YU’OS MA’ASE ~ Thank you
For your assistance in building the M.E. Community!


Don’t forget..........

Steps Along the Journey
New cycle has started, for Sign-Ups (please see attached form!) and scheduling information, please contact the Coordinators: Rex & Clarie Kosack
Telephone No. 322-8800
E-Mail: or
Fall 2009 Weekend
Set for October 23-25, 2009
For registration and other recruiting information, please contact the Ecclesial Team:
Fr. Isaac Ayuyu
Tel. No. 234-3000; E-Mail:
Vince & Hilma Castro
Tel. No. 789-7881; E-Mail: or