Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready for the Next ME Weekend? It's NEXT WEEK!

Hafa adai to our beloved M.E. Family,

We, your fall 2011 weekend coordinators, along with our energetic and committed co-coordinators Wayne Boni Pangelinan, would like to extend our heartfelt love and appreciation to all the couples who have lovingly volunteered their time and talents to help prepare for the upcoming October 14-16 weekend. These couples have been working hard for the past 2 months in fulfilling the vision of M.E. which is “To love one another”.

Weekend Pillars: Gonzalo Linda Pangelinan & John Carol Hosono

Registration: Vince MaryRose Ruwaath & John Vicky Mafnas

Facility: JJ Juanette Atalig & Gary Lynette Camacho

Publicity: Russ Kanae Quinn

Greet In: Jake Jackie Van Dam & John Michelle Tagabuel

Prayer Couple: Shawn Melisha San Nicolas & Glenn Elisha Muna & Jack Carla Sablan

Prayer Vigil: Wayne Boni Pangelinan

Greet Off: Walter Jessica Mendez & Patrick Mardi Reyes & AntoniaRosalita Magofna

Food & Beverage: John Divina Jenkins

Pulpit Talks: Vince Hilma Castro

Ecclesial Team: Vince Hilma Castro & Fr. Isaac Ayuyu

Without your life giving kindness and generosity, these weekends would not be possible. Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We would also like to sincerely thank the rest of our M.E. community for all your support and prayers. Although you may not be with us physically, you are with us in spirit.

Our weekend is just around the corner! Next week Friday October 14, we shall begin work for our Lord’s weekend.

We are writing to invite the M.E. community to join us for the last 2 planning meetings. One is scheduled for this Thursday October 6th, beginning at 7 p.m. at JJ and Juanette’s home in Finasisu. We thank you JJ & Juanette for opening your home to us! The last and final planning meeting will be at the same time and place on Thursday October 13 – the night before the weekend. Please come if you are able to.

Also, we are calling on our community to be present on Friday October 14 for our famous “Greet In” tradition. Encountered couples will enthusiastically and energetically welcome the new couples as they walk into the conference room to start their weekend. Please be at the Aqua Resort Club by 6pm to help us comfort and welcome our new couples.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers. Please join us in asking our God for guidance and direction as we carry out His will during His weekend. For without Him, nothing is possible!

We love you and look forward to being with you soon! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the numbers below, should you need anything.


Tom Erica Thornburgh -287-9205 or 285-6372