Thursday, June 11, 2009

Urgent Call for Prayers!

Dearest ME Lovers,

We're urgently asking for your prayers for John Kleinfelder
as he undergoes rounds of tests, diagnosis and eventually treatment
for a sudden medical condition which is affecting his heart and body.

John and Rosemary Kleinfelder have been presenting Worldwide
Marriage Encounter Weekends for over thirty years and have served
as leaders for their Area, Section and even at the National level.
They have also been instrumental in forming the Weekend presentations
~ helping all Weekend Presenters ~ so that they can touch our lives
when we experience our Weekend.

We ask for your loving thoughts and prayers for John & Rosemary,
their family and all of the medical doctors and nurses trying to help them
as they experience this time of greate challenge.

You are all in our prayers,

Vince & Hilma and Fr. Isaac