Sunday, January 25, 2009

So-long, Frank & Joanne

Frank & Joanne are moving to Florida this week to be with their kids and grandchild. Although we'll miss them terribly, they've made the decision to choose God & family over work or anything else.

They were introduced to M.E. a few years ago when Joanne decided that in order to persuade Frank to attend, she would have to "trick" him into believing that he was going to Guam for the weekend. While he wasn't exactly pleased to learn that his weekend would actually be at the Riviera instead of Tumon, both of them were transformed by Sunday evening at the conclusion of the weekend encounter. Not only did they continue on with "Steps Along the Journey" and "Steeper Steps", they volunteered to be the Weekend Coordinators for Spring 2008 and the Co-Coordinators for Fall 2008.

The DL Guerrero's love and compassion toward the M.E. family is immeasurable. We will certainly miss seeing them, but know that it's no "goodbye" as they plan to return when their kids finish school. It's only "so-long" for now. Have a safe trip and God Bless!